Show Name: Major Decision

Breed: American Percheron

Age: 24

Height: 17.2 Hands

Color: Dark Bay

Likes: To have all the hay to himself

Dislikes: Small black flies in summer.

Meet Our horses

Hudson is a 16 year old Thoroughbred horse gelding. He stands at 16.1 hands with a very sweet and bright personality. He is used for our advance riders due to his physical abilities to walk, trot, canter and jump. He is the newest addition to our family but definitely a great addition to our humble home. 
Xerox is a 22 year old grey Percheron gelding with a big girth. Despite his size he is a gentle giant. Xerox provides beginner lessons to any kind of therapy that was needed of him. His movement is a great tool for us to help strengthen muscles in the human body. Xerox is the proud owner of the title “Best Therapeutic Horse” for the years 2002 and 2003,awarded by the Handicapped Rider’s Event (HRE) the handicapped division of Devon. 


Our horses are an integral part of our therapeutic  program are also one of our largest expenses.To help defray this cost, you may sponsor a horse for the year or as a one-time monthly donation. Average cost for one horse per year: $2,500 ($208 per month) – this includes boarding, feeding and care. Even through retirement these expenses continue. Sponsoring is easy to do: take a moment to read and enjoy the bios of our horse family and decide which one you would like to sponsor.  Mail your check and let us know which horse you would like to sponsor. If you would like information about sponsoring a horse, please email
Major is used for independent walk-trot and walk students. He is known for his massive size but gentle nature. Major is the main reason for our driving program has taken flight, which allows us to expand our client reach. Major is the proud owner of the title “Best Therapeutic Horse” for the years 2005, awarded by the Handicapped Rider’s Event (HRE) the handicapped division of Devon. 
Target is the baby of our group and is a 16 year old Chincoteague pony gelding. He was born in April of 1999 on Assateague Island is a veteran of the world famous “pony swim”. Standing at 14.2 hands, he supplies us with a shorter, yet equally as influential surface to provide therapy on. He is being worked in to the program and we are looking forward to many more years of service from target. 

One Step at a Time


Show Name: Right on Target
Breed: Chincoteague Pony
Age: 16
Height: 14.2 Hands
Color: Pinto
Likes: Anything to eat
Dislikes: Sharing


Show Name: High Flyer Hudson

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 16

Height: 16.1 Hands

Color: Chestnut

Likes: Treats

Dislikes: Getting brushed under
his belly


Show Name: Before Midnight Breed: French Percheron
Age: 22
Height: 16 Hands
Color: Grey
Likes: Anything that he can eat
Dislikes: Being touched on the side
of his belly.